Now Offering Local Meat and Fresh Fish and Seafood!

By Beth Marr  |  December 9, 2017  |  Uncategorized

We have newly in stock: delicious bulk and link sausage flavors including, Maple Breakfast, Breakfast, Sweet Italian, and Hot Italian packaged in convenient approx. 1 LB frozen, sealed bags.  Ground Beef and Beef Stew Meat is also available with same packaging..  This delicious, local, hormone free meat is being provided to us by “The Pork Shop” in Addison, Vt.  Once their inventory increases, we will be able to offfer more cuts of Pork and Beef.

We are also able to provide any fresh Meat and Seafood that you may desire, to give an idea of what is available, especially for this upcoming Holiday Season:

Fresh Boneless  Ribeye, Vt Raised or Mid-Western Choice Cuts, cut to order

Fresh NY Strip Steaks, cut to order

Whole Hams, Turkeys, Game Birds like Duck …just ask and we will do our best to get it!

Fresh Canadian Salmon Filets are in the case….pre-orders for any fish and seafood, including exotic , we can provide!


Please call or email us with any questions. 802 453-5775.



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